You are what you eat

There are some food that are harmful for the health of our teeth. Not many of you may know that there are some that are good for our teeth. Do you know which ones? We will tell you.

What you should avoid

Let’s begin with those food and drinks that should be avoided – you have probably heard a lot about these before. These are for example the sweet, carbohydrate and sticky ones: fizzy sweet drinks, caramel, buttery biscuits, sweets, melting gums, marshmallow, etc.

There are some that have hidden sugar content and we would not even think that they contain sugar. For example ketchup, cereal, crisps.

Sugar itself is not the cause of the problem. The problem is that bacteria responsible for the demolition (Streptococcus mutans) produces acid end product. This is threat to the enamel of the tooth that can lead to tooth decay. Sweets are not harmful without plaque and bacteria but these are in our mouth.

Normally, the PH scale of our mouth is between 6 and 7. After eating food that contains sugar and the demolition starts the PH scale can drop to 4 because of the acid end product. This acid environment takes the minerals of the enamel of the tooth which will be damaged. The spittle slowly neutralizes the environment but until then the damage is present.

“Tooth friendly” food

It is important to know that there is no food that heals or supports our teeth. It is dental care that we our teeth need – there is not chance to keep our teeth healthy without dental care.

Sugar free chewing gum

Let’s begin with something that you have probably heard before: sugar free chewing gum. They have several positive effects on our teeth. They help by making the pH scale neutral, they clean softly (food stuck between the teeth are eliminated easier because of chewing) and chewing puts a pressure on the teeth and the gum making them stronger. Moreover, they make the breath fresher after meals. It is important not to replace tooth brushing with chewing gums.

Sugar free chewing gum

Several positive effects on our teeth

Xilit sweetener

We already have a blog on xilit as it is known for its many positive effects. It is not only good for losing weight but for our teeth too, as opposed to the traditional sugar as by using xilit  there is not by product that could damage the surface of the teeth. Temperance is very important. Using xilit too much can cause diarrhea.


Oilseeds have many positive effects: they do some good to the heart, brain function and they contain lot of vital vitamins and minerals though they are high in carbohydrate but do not let this mislead you: they mean no harm to our teeth so they are good for a snack.

Green tea

You can read a lot about the good effects of green tea. It is high on antioxidant so it helps to keep the organism’s natural protective system maintained, it improves the functioning of the heart and it slows down the aging of the skin. It is high on fluorine so it perfectly substitutes soft drinks (fluorine is very important for the health of the teeth).


Green tea

You can read a lot about the good effects of green tea


It is known that milk contains a huge amount of protein and minerals that are good for the teeth. We do not keep it in our mouth long enough to infiltrate to our system but they are a must for keeping the teeth and the bones healthy and strong.


Cheese is one of the best friends of the teeth. A protein called Kazen, calcium and phosphate can replace the content of the enamel of the tooth and they help neutralizing the pH scale in our mouth.  



Cheese is one of the best friends of the teeth

Take the first step!

True that it is hard to save time and energy to eat proper food through the rush of the day but it is worth a try. Your organism and teeth will be grateful.

5 small steps to keep our teeth healthy:

  1. Brush your teeth after every main meals and at least twice a day (morning and evening).

  2. If you do not have the chance to brush your teeth after your meal, try to rinse with water or use a sugar free chewing gum.

  3. Drink clean water while eating.

  4. Avoid soft and acid drinks. Replace them with green tea or water.

  5. Wait at least 30 minutes with tooth brushing after a meal that contains acid. Acid makes the enamel of the teeth loose and tooth brushing does more harm than good.

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