Which toothpaste should I choose?

You cannot be 100% sure about whether you use the right toothpaste. No wonder since you can find so many types of toothpaste in the stores that are different in colour, taste and content. Which one should I choose then? Let’s take a look around!

All of them are good vs. none of them are bad

In order to choose the right toothpaste the first and most important thing to know is that all of them are good. Technology today is so modern that no toothpaste has harmful content. All of them are good – if using the right method - for cleaning teeth.

True that all of them have a little ‘extra’, a content that makes a toothpaste worth buying. There are some that have been developed to give protection against gum inflammation or sensitive teeth. If we are aware of our own dental situation we will know which one to choose.


Does the taste matter?

Yes and no. In most of the toothpaste menthol is basic flavour. It can be stronger or milder, pleasant or stingy depending on the brand and the product itself. There are the ones with herb and the ones developed for children with unique flavour.

Content is more important than flavour but if we do not like one’s taste we should find another one (with similar content). Why? Because if we cannot stand the flavour we tend to reduce the time spent with tooth brushing. It is not worth using toothpaste that makes tooth cleaning less efficient.


Toothpaste taste

Which are the most frequent types?

That contains (much) fluoride

If we do not experience a specific problem it is worth to find toothpaste that contains much fluoride. Fluoride makes the teeth stronger and this will reduce the chances for tooth decay.

The promise of white teeth

The most popular type of toothpaste is the one that promises whiter teeth. Actually, these types are responsible for reducing the development of hard plaque and they contain minimal whiteners. The base is that the atrium – and urea bicarbonate help release active oxygen and that makes the yellow layer whiter but there will not be any drastic change.

 The promise of white teeth

For sensitive teeth

It is also frequent to look for toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Most toothpaste labelled as “sensitive” are a perfect solution. The main point is to look for potassium chloride and potassium nitrate signs in the content because these are responsible for avoiding pain while eating and drinking hot and cold or biting.


A solution for inflammation

There are some toothpaste on the market that ease or prevent inflammation. The same products protect our teeth from tooth decay and some types of gum disease. It is important to note that those who are sensitive (allergic) to fluoride should avoid using toothpaste with this content.


Fighting against bacteria

Today there are toothpaste that are specifically developed against the bacteria that is responsible for the development of tooth decay. A specific enzyme (lactoperoxidase and dextranase) supports the fight.


Fighting against bacteria

Natural base (bio)

Today there are more and more people who try to use natural elements in their lives. Not only in their diet and cleaning supplies but in toothpaste you can find bio versions too. These are usually synthetics, colour and odour and preservative free. They are usually made of herbals (myrrh, sage, aloe vera, tea tree) and the basic flavour is mint (either spearmint or peppermint). Usually they are just as good in fighting against tooth decay, hard plaque and inflammation then the ones containing synthetics. It is worth to look for them in bio shops.

What to consider while choosing?


The most important thing to consider while choosing toothpaste is to be aware of our dental situation. It is worth to take our dentist’s advice in this matter. Once we know what is required for our teeth we simply need to find the right type of toothpaste. We do not necessarily have to try the most expensive ones at first as there are many types that are good in price and efficient as well.

If you do not get to like what we have chosen (we do not like its flavour, consistence or cannot see any changes) feel free to experiment.

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