The secret to the tooth-friendly sweets: xilit

The main cause for tooth decay is the cariogens (eg. Streptococcus mutans, Lactobacillus) in our mouths. The reason for this being is the great amount of sugar we take with eating. We do not necessarily have to say no to mouthwatering sweets in order to keep our teeth healthy.

What is the reason for tooth decay?

We hear a lot about tooth decay and its consequences but do we really know what causes the problem?

Tooth decay is caused by acid generator bacteria by demolishing the carbohydrates (sugar, fructose, glucose) from the consumed food. From these, acid.based byproducts are thrown out that is harmful to the  PH value of the mouth. Later on it leads to the damage of the surface and the inner structure of the teeth.

Good and bad bacteria

It may sound unbelievable but around 400-500 kinds of bacteria can be found in our mouths. We do not have to be frightened since most of these bacteria are “useful bacteria”. They are useful because they prepare the demolition and assimilation of the nutrition for the stomach. There are the kinds of bacteria which long term presence can lead to tooth decay.

Good or bad bacteria

Good or bad bacteria

The role of carbohydrates

Nowadays, we hear from more and more sources how much sugar, calories and carbohydrates we take day after day to our system. All science branches highlight different specific negative sides of it: blood-sugar level wobbling, high body fat rate, obesity or the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. There is another fact to this. This is the threat of the very common tooth decay.

What to do, if I love sweets?

We have good news for those who would not like to eliminate sweets: if you use the right type of sugar, you do not have to do that. What is “the right type” of sugar? It is the type that does not increase drastically the blood-sugar level, does not contain as many carbohydrates and calories as white sugar and the type that does not create a good environment for the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

We love xilit

We love Xilit!

The friend of our teeth: xilit

Xilit is one of the most tooth-friendly sweeteners. The reason for this is that xilit in the mouth is not a good environment for the bacteria responsible for the development for tooth decay. Moreover, it does more good to keep the balance of acid-base balance in the mouth than any other kind of sugar.

Balance has a crucial role in keeping our teeth healthy.

Besides that it’s tooth-friendly, it keeps our bloo-sugar limit balanced as its Glicemical index is low. Moreover, it contains 70% less carbohydrate and 40% less calories than the same amount of white sugar.


What is xilit used for?

One of the positive sides of xilit is that there is no bitter after-taste as opposed to other sweeteners. As the taste of xilit is very similar to white sugar it can be used to sweeten food and drink that are sweetend with white sugar: soups, cookies, tea, coffee, sauces, etc.

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