The story of Linda

Her teeth just looked too long and didn't really suit her face. This patient replaced her chipped, yellowish and old front upper bridge with a new one two years ago.

Read her story below to see how she get her life changed.


The consultation

Despite her dentist's very best efforts , her teeth just looked too long and didn't really suit her face. The new bridge's colour didn't match with the bottom teeth, so the patient simply stopped smiling and started to lose much of her self-confidence.  

The new bridge was too big and badly fitted, and it was very difficult to clean her teeth as food debris got stuck under the bridge. This led to gum infectionsthat made her gums bleed all the time, and she had a bad taste in her mouth.

About her treatment

After removing the bridge, our dentist replaced the old fillings found under the bridge and made her teeth shorter using the shoulder technique which helped to achieve the finest aesthetic result. She wanted similar teeth to the ones she used to have 15 years ago and to achieve a result that would make her laugh again. The old picture of herself that she gave to us also helped our dental technician and dentist to prepare almost the same shade, shape and colour as her old teeth.


Based on the images they received, the technicians prepared 6 front crowns of different sizes and lengths, which made the patient able to be happy and laugh again, and she no longer has to hide her teeth when she’s smiling. The second picture was taken 6 days later: as you can see, the inflammation has ceased, and the gums are clear and healthy.



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