The story of Eugene

He always covered his teeth with his hand and never smiled. This middle-aged patient’s upper left front tooth was extracted a few years ago, which caused him embarrassment and made him stopped smiling. 

Read his story below to see how he got his life changed


Eugene, before he contacted
Tibor Dental

He found his teeth were yellowish and too long. After the extraction he was always bothered about speaking in public: he always covered his lips with his hand and never smiled.



The consultation with Tibor Dental

During the consultation, his main aim was to correct the shade and colour of his teeth and fix the gap between them. 

About his treatment

As he was missing his molar teeth, the dentist prepared a 13 unit bridge for the upper teeth. As he wanted whiter teeth, like he used to have, the dentist carried out hygiene treatment on his lower teeth to match them with the upper teeth.


He was happy with his new teeth and he was no longer embarrassed smiling in his social life.

ID 83 smile


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