There are some that won’t heal themselves

Only a few people may know it but our teeth are the only parts of the body that cannot heal themselves. If a bone is broken, it will heal. If a finger is cut, it will also heal in time. But what about our teeth?

The organism helps

Almost everybody had accidental cuts on their fingers before. Depending on the size of the cut, the wounds heal quickly. The same goes to broken bones – they heal in time.

Our hair and nails also start to grow again, moreover, there is a good chance that by quitting smoking the lung regenerates itself (as much as it can).


Teeth are different

As opposed to the above mentioned body parts, our teeth are unfortunately unable heal themselves. If the tooth enamel is damaged or decay develops teeth cannot help themselves.

Teeth are differentThe reason for this is that the outer part of the teeth covered by enamel is not a so- called “living tissue” and is not able to regenerate itself if damaged or if it becomes thin so the injury can spread to the inside of the tooth.


What can we do?

The best thing we can do is avoiding injuries. We can do that by maintaining dental hygiene. Smoking is also a threat to the teeth so it is worth quitting. WE should avoid taking too much sugar as it is also bad for the teeth. A healthy diet (full of vitamins and minerals) is also the key to keep the teeth healthy.

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