Stress and the mouth

Ongoing stress doesn’t only cause headaches and gastric pain but can affect the health of the mouth and gums, as well as health in general.

If we think that stress only affects certain body organs and not others then we’re mistaken, as it affects the whole body; it can lead to more than a headache and gastric pain.

The most common stress factors:

  • Overpressure, lack of sleep
  • Work, financial or relationship problems
  • Permanent sickness, chronic inflammation
  • Unhealthy food and diet
  • Ingesting additives and poisonous materials
  • Dieting drastically, enforced sport
  • Negative feelings, pessimistic approach to life
  • Uncertainty, fears, anxiety
  • Self-assessment problems



These all affect health in general, just as they do  the condition of the teeth, gums and mouth.This may seem strange but let’s just take a closer look at what stress does to us and how it affects oral hygiene.

Permanent stress can ca use mouth ulcers, sores and herpes. Nervousness negatively affects the gums and teeth while anxiety frequently leads to teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is common under stress. This activity is mostly unconscious and occurs during both night and day. If you tend to clench or grind your teeth stress makes it worse.

Amongst the many people we have treated and helped there was one young woman suffering from teeth grinding. Her teeth were badly worn and discoloured while  eating was already very painful for her. She was close to desperate but the dentists who work with us gave her back her confident smile.

You can now read about her treatment in brief and how she received beautiful teeth and a new life.


The consultation

As the roots of her teeth were strong enough, the dentist explained to her that she didn’t need extractions as simple crown work would render her upper front teeth beautiful. The smile design programme illustrated what kind of result she could expect, which was not only immensely appealing for her but helped greatly in persuading her to start treatment.


           Before:                      before


About her treatment

On the first day, her 10 upper teeth were prepared using the shoulder technique. During shoulder preparation the tooth is smoothed in such a way that a tiny “shoulder” is left at the neck of the tooth, upon which the crown can later be perfectly fitted.

On the third day, the dental lab prepared the framework which perfectly fitted over the prepared teeth.

On the fourth day, the dentist checked the shade of the crowns and Dental Health Treatment was also carried out on the lower teeth to ensure their plaque free condition and to match them with the upper teeth.

On the fifth day ,high-aesthetic Zirconium crowns were put in place.

The patient was overjoyed with happiness and extremely satisfied with the result. She also received a night guard that helps to prevent her from grinding her teeth.



The act of grinding teeth may have psychiatric roots, can be caused by psychiatric pressure, stress and anxiety during the day that appear during sleeping, or a filling or crown made too high; the cause may also be a function error in the jaw joints. Tooth loss and worn teeth can also be a reason.

As the development of stress cannot be controlled by us we have to seek a constant balance. One option is doing yoga: the method of finding inner peace and harmony.

If you or someone else around you grind teeth, visit a dentist to avoid any possible tooth loss.

If you have any problems with your teeth, Tibor Dental can sort it out. Contact us for a consultation or you can just simply call us to have a conversation about your dental situation.

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