Root Canal Treatment

Did your endodontist or dentist tell you that your aching tooth needs root canal treatment? And now you are confused as to what is this treatment all about? Probably, a bit nervous too! Take a deep breath because you are not ALONE! With the help of this unique treatment, millions of teeth are saved each day across the globe.


The Inside Story of a Tooth

To understand the actual procedure, you need to have a small idea of the anatomy of our tooth. The outermost layer of a tooth is called the enamel which is the hardest part of the human body. The next layer is dentin and within the dentin is the innermost chamber that houses the pulp. The pulp is the bunch of blood vessels and nerve fibres that nourish the tooth. Now a tooth has a crown part that is visible to us and a root part that is buried within the gums. A tooth can have one or more roots.

When the decay-causing bacteria attack the enamel, they eat away the enamel layer, the dentin and finally affect the pulp. Once the pulp is affected, the tooth is a stage of infection and you will have excruciating pain with a swelling at times. The only way out of this crisis was removal of tooth in olden days. Nowadays, an infected tooth can be saved.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is basically the procedure of cleaning and widening the roots of a tooth and filling it with a root filling material.

What are the steps involved?

  • The tooth is numbed with the help of local anaesthesia.
  • Your doctor will drill his way to the pulp chamber and widen it slightly to make it convenient for the root cleaning and filing procedure.
  • Instruments called files are used to pull out the infected or dead pulp tissue and then widen the root canals. This step is alternated with the step of pushing cleansing solutions to ensure that the cleaning process is smooth and effective at the same time.
  • Next the root canals are dried through paper points (slender sticks of paper)
  • Now the canals are ready to receive the filling material which is gutta-percha mostly. Care is taken to develop a tight seal at the level of the root tip. This is important for the longevity of the tooth as a tight seal prevents the entry of infection.
  • Now the cavity in the crown part of the tooth is closed with the help of another filling material.
  • After a week or ten days a dental crown is placed over the tooth to provide it strength.

Who needs root canal treatment?

You may be requiring root canal treatment if your tooth-

  • Is deeply decayed causing infection in the pulp.
  • Is broken due to a fall exposing the pulp
  • May turn sensitive or sore later - In few circumstances, you may be recommended to undergo root canal treatment as a precautionary step from developing problems in future.

Can I stop it from happening?

The answer is- YES! You can always prevent a dental decay from happening. If you practise oral hygiene measures like brushing and flossing diligently and daily, you can keep cavities at bay. In some case, you may not understand if you have a baby cavity developing in some odd corner of the teeth. Here is when you need the help of a dentist. Regular dental check-ups can save you a lot of trouble and may not allow the decay to progress to the level of root canal treatment.

Why is root canal treatment special at Tibor Dental & EP-Dent?

Dental Specialists at work

We understand how important your pearly whites are for you! Therefore, we strive to give you state-of-art experience with customized and special care. Our endodontists are committed in providing you dental care in a considerate, compassionate and dedicated environment.

State-of-the-art technology

We are instrumental in keeping ourselves abreast with the ultramodern technology and innovations of dentistry.

The introduction of Helbo Lasers and the use of the revolutionary Protaper system in our practice reflects such endeavour of ours.

Magic Touch of Helbo Lasers

During treatment, the canals are cleaned thoroughly with the help of cleansing solutions. This procedure may not be enough to wash out the bacteria and debris stuck in deep microscopic crevices within the roots. Here is when the Helbo Lasers does its magic!

  • First, the infected canals need to be rinsed with a blue dye solution which is light-sensitive in nature.
  • The lasers are passed through the dye solution.
  • This generates highly reactive oxygen within the root canals which in turn destroys all the residual bacteria and fungi.
  • This way the canals become totally contaminant-free thereby reducing any chances of problems like re-infection in future.
  • Helbo Lasers are also highly effective in reducing inflammation and has a mild pain-relieving effect as well. 

The revolutionary Protaper system

Protaper system has emerged out to be one of the significant innovations in endodontics. It helps in improving flexibility, enhances the cutting efficiency as well as safety. The system comprises of 3 shaping files and 3 finishing files.

Generally, it is difficult to manoeuvre canals that are very thin or extremely curved or long. There is always a risk of developing a ledge or perforation.  As our team at Tibor Dental & EP-Dent practices the revolutionary Protaper system, it has become a lot easier to work on teeth with thin, long or curved canals. The Protaper files ensure the smooth gliding movement of the files thereby making it easier to fill the root canals accurately.

Focus On Quality

At Tibor Dental, we are dedicated towards delivering quality patient care that is at par with the highest global standards. So next time your tooth hurts, you know where to go! Just fill out or contact form below to book an appointment with our specialist. Our team would be glad to gift you back a smile of happiness and relief!

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