How could it be so efficient?

Full jaw restoration with the conventional implant system takes months to be completed in many cases as opposed to the Swiss 5 day implant system which requires only five days and there is no need for a sinus lift. It is available even in those cases that implantation seemed to be impossible before. How could it be so efficient?

Things necessary for conventional implantation

In the case of conventional implantation it is necessary to have a sufficient thick bone structure. If someone keeps putting off tooth replacement it leads to bone recession. If the bone structure is to thin the implant cannot have a fixed position. In these cases a sinus lift is necessary.

A sinus lift is a minor surgical intervention that makes the sinus strong enough to hold the implants stably. This treatment is commenced by filling the bone material in.

When the bone structure becomes strong enough i.e. the material that was previously filled in becomes solid, the implants can be inserted. However, it means a six-month waiting period both for the patient and the doctor.


Is there any solution without sinus lift?

Indeed! There is the 5 day implant system as a solution. Due to its flexible form there is no need for the spongy bone and the implant to fuse together because there is an immediate, stable foundation not matter what kind of bone structure is used.


The Swiss implants can reach through the spongy bone reaching the hard bone. This provides a more stable foundation for the new teeth.

Sinus can be avoided

Due to its flexible form missing teeth can be replaced even under the sinus and without the need of a sinus lift.


Without sinus lift

Revolutionary Swiss implants

Is it also possible in your case?

These specially developed implants are suitable even for those who have severe bone recession and gum disease without waiting for months to be completed. In order to find out your possibilities regarding implantation, send us your OPG X-ray or find out more about the 5 days Swiss dental implants!

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