How are we able to create teeth better than those God gave you?

We employ cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology in order to create new, permanent, natural looking teeth for you. CAD/CAM technology ensures that there is no margin for human error.


What is CAD/CAM technology?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) - This is the part of the CAD / CAM system that scans a plaster model from which a digital pattern of the bodywork is virtually predictable.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) - This is the part of the CAD / CAM system which manufactures the designed crowns using an appropriate material.


What kind of materials are your new metal-free crowns/bridges made of?

Zirconium bridge and crown

Zirconium bridge and crown

The crown frames are made of Zirconium Dioxide, which is metal-free. As a consequence, the appearance of the crowns is similar to, or better than, that of natural teeth. In addition the crowns are translucent, providing a highly aesthetic result.


The process involves the utilisation of a 3D computer model of the teeth, which serves as a template when the computer creates the new teeth. The aesthetic and functional qualities are guaranteed by the CAD/CAM technology, as well as the experience of our dentists and technicians.

CAD/CAM technology

Why would you have been better off resolving your dental problems earlier?

"Yesterday I only needed a filling, but tomorrow I’ll need an extraction."

 Most people don’t take their dental problems seriously enough as these problems are not considered to be of primary importance.

 A dentist’s advice is worth its weight in gold:

“If you can get away with a couple of fillings and only a little dental intervention today, it might lead to a need for extensive treatment within a year.” Don’t delay, do it today!

Signs that you need new crowns or a bridge:

    • uneven crowns (too big / small): If you don’t like your existing crowns, you're not going to like them any more tomorrow.
    • unpleasant and/or metallic taste in the mouth: A metallic taste can be caused by metal frame crowns or bridges. In this case, you should change to Zirconium crowns or bridges as soon as possible.  
    • Unsightly grey lines between crowns and gum: When visible on the front teeth they appear very unattractive whenever you speak or smile.
    • Dissatisfaction with the colour and shape:
    • Missing teeth: Missing teeth obviously make you feel uncomfortable and undermine your self-confidence; they also prevent you from eating and enjoying your food properly as well as smiling in family photos.

Advantages of Zirconium teeth replacements:

  • They can provide a perfect solution for people who are allergic to certain metallic substances.
  • Zirconium’s translucent properties are identical to those of natural teeth
  • They eradicate unsightly grey lines
  • They ensure a perfect fit and dental comfort
  • Truly permanent and long-lasting


Advantages of Zirconium teeth replacements

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