Bad breath - but why?  

“Bad breath can be related to bad teeth.” – is not always the case. The cause of bad breath should not only be look for in the oral cavity – it is advisable to examine some other parts of the body. Would you like to find out the causes of bad breath? We are now about to find them out.

It is very unpleasant to smell bad breath either ours or some else’s because people immediately relate it to poor dental care. Bad breath can be experienced even without more serious dental problems.

If you do not smell is it does not mean that there is no problem

Sometimes we do not think that our breath is not good. Do not wait until someone else call our attention to it. We can check it with two easy methods:

Method # 1

This method may be familiar to a lot of people: put your hand in front of you mouth and breathe out the way you can feel the air coming. A serious problem can immediately be recognised.

Method # 2

This method is useful if you wish to look for mild symptoms. Stroke the surface of the back of your tongue with your clean leaving a little spittle on your finger. Wait for one or two minutes and smell it. What do you smell?

What causes the problem?

Bad breath can be caused by issues within and out of the oral cavity. Most of them can be easily prevented but there are some that have serious health issues behind.

The most common causes within the oral cavity:

  • bad dental hygiene and dental care
  • tooth decay
  • tartar
  • old crowns, bridges, inlays that do not close properly
  • dentures that are not cleaned properly
  • gingivitis, paradontium diseases
  • tongue plaque
  • abscess, severe inflammation
  • tumour in the oral cavity
  • slow spittle formation


Bad breath and fillings

Look after your old filling, crown and bridge!


What is the solution?

All of the above mentioned causes can be prevented by maintain a daily good dental care and by visiting a dentist regularly. If the problem is already there a dentist must be visited as most if the problems cannot be treated with methods at home (except for maintaining a good dental hygiene and removing plaque from the tongue).

You can read more about eliminating causes within the oral cavity here.

The most common cases that are not related to the oral cavity:

  • smoking
  • eating food that contains onion, garlic
  • eating very spicy food
  • disease of the stomach and food pipe
  • fupper or lower respiratory diseases
  • liver disease
  • diabetes (acetonic breath)
  • enteritis
  • kidney disease
  • taking particular medicine (e.g antihistamines)


Bad breath and smoking

Do not smoke! 

What is the solution?

Some of the above mentioned causes are everyday issues but there are some that seem to be the cause of severe diseases. If the core of the problem is not the food it is advisable to consult a dentist and doctors of other fields.

You can read more about eliminating causes that are not within the oral cavity here.

Find the cause!

You can see how many reasons bad breath can have. This is something that not many people wish to talk about and visit a dentist only when the problem is already severe. Do not wait until that. It is advisable to find the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible. If the problem is present for a longer period of time after taking the right steps to eliminate it, visit your dentist as soon as you can.

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