Bad breath - if the cause is in the mouth

There are many reasons for bad breath that are caused by issues within the oral cavity or issues that are not related to it. In this blog we are about to find the issues within the oral cavity and how we can prevent and eliminate these problems.

What causes the problem?

Disease within the oral cavity and not proper dental care can have many unpleasant effects: inflammation, bleeding, tooth loss, pain and bad breath.


The most common causes within the oral cavity:


Bad dental hygiene and dental care

Proper daily dental care is very important in maintaining health and avoiding the bad breath. Choosing the right type of toothbrush, toothpaste is of crucial importance in this matter. Use mouthwash and dental floss daily.

Tooth decay

As plaque start to develop in the mouth 20 minutes after tooth brushing we need to pay attention. Decayed teeth are the perfect environment for bacteria which is one of the main causes of bad breath. It is advisable to visit a dentist in the case of tooth decay. Old fillings should be changed from time to time.


If do not remove plaque properly it will become a tartar which cannot be removed at home (by tooth brushing or by cleaning the intervention). Moreover, tartar results in gum inflammation and if the gum recedes it can lead to tooth loss. It is advisable to have the tartar removed twice a year by a professional dentist.

Old crowns, bridges, inlays that do not close properly

While preparing crowns, bridges and inlays the dentists pay much attention to closing the edges properly so that bacteria cannot get between the natural and artificial teeth. It can happen that during the years this closed area becomes loose and the bacteria have to change to develop. It is advisable to have the crowns, bridges and inlays examined or have it changed if necessary.

Old filling, inlay or crown

Dentures that are not cleaned properly

Similarly to the crowns, bridges and inlays, dentures that are not cleaned properly can also cause bad breath. The reason is the bacteria between the gum and the dentures. This is one of the reasons why dentures should be replaced with implants as the cleaning is the same as cleaning natural teeth. As regards cleaning dentures, the dentists’ advice must be taken seriously.

Gingivitis, paradontium diseases

A nem megfelelő mindennapi fogápolás egyik következOne of the causes of improper dental care is the development of paradontium diseases (e.g. gum inflammation). The inflammation and the bacteria are the one of the main causes of bad breath (and other problems too). In the case of paradontium diseases a dentist should be visited as soon as possible because these can lead to more severe problems.

Gingivitis, paradontium diseases

Plaque on the tongue

During daily dental care it is important to care about the tongue too as a high percentage of bacteria is present there. By washing the tongue, using antibacterial mouthwash and by rinsing this part can be cleaned.

Abscess, severe inflammation

Abscess and severe inflammation can lead to bad breath, infections and tooth loss. As the problem is present a dentist should be visited so that the problem can be eliminated as soon as possible.

Tumour in the oral cavity

Tumour in the oral cavity is one of the most serious causes of bad breath. The main causes for the tumour is heavy smoking and alcohol drinking and the cause on the third place is the dental problems. Neglecting dental care and the replacement of broken teeth and a dentures that does not fit properly can all be the causes of the problem as the issues irritate the mucous membrane causing inflammation that in severe cases (without treatment) can cause cancerous tumours. It is advisable to visit a dentist when the inflammation and the tooth problems start to develop – so not wait until the problem gets worse.

Slow spittle formation

spread more quickly which causes bad breath. Slow spittle formation can be caused by a disease but sometimes drinking more fluid (water) which means 2 litres per day is simply the solution. It might seem a minor problem but it can have severe consequences. Medicine that contain antihistamines can cause mouth dryness so it is advisable to take them moderately.

Summary: what can we do?

There are several methods for avoiding bad breath:

  • Good daily dental care (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, chewing gum)
  • Periodic tartar removal
  • Filling decayed teeth, replacing old fillings
  • Replacing the old crowns, bridges, inlays
  • Proper cleaning of the dentures (or replacing them with implants)
  • Removing tongue plaque
  • Visiting a dentist (even if we have no problem at all)
  • Visiting a dentist immediately (if we have a problem)
  • Drinking enough fluid

You are now aware of the many reasons for bad breath within the oral cavity. Let’s see the causes that are not related to the oral cavity.

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