10 steps against bad breath

Bad breath can be the result of many issues which we have already elaborated on in the previous blogs. We are now introducing 10 easy steps to avoid bad breath. These everyday, simple methods can easily be acquired.

Here are the 10 easy steps to avoid bad breath:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day!

According to the experts by (proper!) tooth brushing twice a day dental problems can be avoided and a fresh breath can be maintained. Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening (and after lunch if possible). You can read more about the right technique here.

2. Use a dental floss once a day!

Using dental floss once a day (in the evening before going to sleep) is also the part of the thorough daily dental care. Plaque in the interdentium can be cleaned out and bad breath can be avoided.


Use dental floss

Use dental floss!

3. Chew a chewing gum and rinse with mouthwash too!

After every meal the pH scale in our mouth becomes acidic that the spittle can neutralize. IF we consume too salty, sweet or acidic food or drinks and do not have the chance to brush our teeth (which should be done 15-20 minutes after the meal) use a mouthwash or a chewing gum. These two help to normalize the pH scale in the mouth, to eliminate bacteria and to avoid bad breath.

4. Visit your dentist regularly!

Visiting a dentist regularly is of crucial importance when it comes to the health of the teeth. Do not visit your dentist only when the problem is already there as the dentist can easily determine your status and if he/she finds the first signs that might cause problems later on these can be eliminated in time.

5. Have the tartar removed!

One of the most important causes for visiting a dentist is removing tartar. We can avoid the development of tartar from plaque but we cannot do anything about it at home when the tartar is already there. We need professional help. By having the tartar removed we can prevent a lot of problems: gum inflammation and recession, tooth decay, bad breath or tooth loss (later on).


Remove tartar

Have the tartar removed!

6. Yoghurt, parsley and apple!

There are food that can quickly eliminate bad breath e.g. yoghurt, parsley and apple.

7. Fight against gastric acid!

Problems regarding gastric acid affect the teeth too as it results in acidic pH scale which is one of the causes of tooth decay. Tooth decay results in bad breath. 

8. Drink plenty of water!

The best way to avoid and neutralize the acidic ph scale is to drink 2-2,5 litres of water per day. It improves the spittle formation and gives a feeling of fresh teeth. A simple solution to avoid bad breath: drink water!

9. Do not smoke or drink alcohol!

Smoking and drinking alcohol are the greatest enemies of the teeth (too). It is advisable to avoid these bad habits. Drinking some types of acidic alcohol can cause acidic pH scale. It is advisable to rinse with clean water and brush teeth after 15-20 minutes after drinking.


Do not smoke

Stop smoking!

10. Pay attention to your crown, bridge, inlay and denture!

As time passes bacteria and plaque can develop in the closing parts of old crowns, bridges, inlays. It is advisable to have them changed from time to time. The dentist can easily determine their status during regular visits. If you have dentures it is advisable to take the instructions regarding their cleaning seriously. This way you can avoid inflammation, infection and bad breath.

Bad breath can be eliminated by simple, everyday methods. If these do not help it is advisable to visit a dentist as it might be related to severe dental problems.

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