10 myths regarding anti-wrinkles treatment

We have collated (through individual patient enquiries and our own experiences ) the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding anti-wrinkles injectables.

Myth #1 – Anti-wrinkles injection is painful

The sensation of the injection is really similar to that of a mosquito bite, it is very quick and the discomfort is only for a couple of seconds.


Myth #2 – Anti-wrinkles injection is used when wrinkles start to appear

Anti-wrinkles injection can be used as a preventive method before the appearance of fine lines, this can be a more effective method as the skin appears smoother.


Myth #3 – Wrinkles treatment is used only for wrinkles and fine lines

Although the main use of wrinkles treatment is improving facial lines at the forehead, around the eyes and between eyebrows, anti-wrinkle injections are used nowadays to decrease muscle tension and decrease muscle strain that causes migraines and treat extensive sweating through injecting the armpits.


Myth #4 – Wrinkles will get worse if you stop anti-wrinkles injection

Anti-wrinkles injection will decrease wrinkles formation so that they will slowly return to their position before wrinkles treatment. Wrinkles will not get worse at all.


Myth #5 – Anti-wrinkles injection has an immediate effect

The effect of wrinkles treatment needs from 5 to 10 days to appear. Anti-wrinkles injection works by helping to relax and inhibit the movement of muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. And in some cases, you may need two injections to see a better result.

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Myth #6 – Wrinkles treatment is permanent

Unfortunately, anti-wrinkles injection provides a temporary result usually between 3 to 6 months. After this period the muscles will begin to return to their original position and wrinkle and the fine line will appear again.



Myth #7 – Anti-wrinkles injection will make you look frozen

Anti-wrinkles injection will result in a loss of facial expression if you are injected in a large dose or you are injected by a practitioner who does not understand wrinkles treatments and their techniques.


Myth #8 – Anti-wrinkles injections are toxic and dangerous

Wrinkles treatment has no side effects and we have to mention that there is no record of death due to excessive use of anti-wrinkles injection. The average person will need 100 times the normal dose to get poisoned.


Myth #9 – No need for wrinkles treatment if you had a plastic surgery

Although plastic surgery will make you look younger, it will not stop the aging process. Anti-wrinkles injection will be great to decrease wrinkles and fine line formation.


Myth #10 – No need for anti-wrinkles injection if you put anti-aging creams

Anti-aging creams may have an external effect on the skin, but if you need a treatment that also has a deeper effect, then anti-wrinkles injection is the best choice for you.


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