The story of Melanie
Restoration with crowns

Work related stress leading to teeth grinding worn her teeth down

This lovely young patient had never been satisfied with her teeth. She considered them to be too short and dark coloured. Work related stress leading to teeth grinding worn her teeth down. Her first priority was to have all of her teeth extracted and replaced with implants and nice new teeth.

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Before and after. Read her story below to see how she get her life changed...

The consultation

As the roots of her teeth were strong enough, the dentist explained her that she did not need extraction, as simple crownwork can make her upper front teeth beautiful. The smile design programme illustrated to her what kind of result she could expect, which was very appealing to her and help a great deal in deciding to start her treatment.

About her treatment

On the first day, her 10 upper teeth were prepared using the shoulder technique. During shoulder preparation the tooth is smoothed in such a way that a tiny “shoulder” is left at the neck of the tooth, upon which the crown can later be perfectly fitted.

On the third day, the dental lab prepared the framework which perfectly fitted over the prepared teeth.

On the fourth day, the dentist checked the shade of the crowns and Dental Health Treatment was also carried out on the lower teeth to ensure their plaque free condition and to match them with the upper teeth.

On the fifth day ,high-aesthetic zirconium crowns were put in place.The patient was overjoyed with happiness and extremely satisfied with the result. She also received a night guard that helps to prevent her from grinding her teeth.

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