The story of Gary
5 day implant system

He could eat and taste steak straight after the treatment

This middle-aged male patient's loose teeth made eating very uncomfortable. He was unable to eat hard food, only soft food and soups. His teeth were splinted to increase their strength but that unfortunately didn't help much and he lost 15 kg.

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Before and after. Read her story below to see how she get her life changed...

The consultation with Tibor Dental

Our specialists diagnosed periodontal gum disease, which caused further inflammation in the gum tissues and progressive bone loss.

About his treatment

His treatment with conventional implants would have lasted around 1.5 years, so our specialists suggested the 5 day implant system. All of the existing loose teeth were extracted and the patient received 11 KOS, BCS implants in the upper jaw with a 14 unit bridge, and 8 KOS implants in the lower jaw with a 12 unit bridge in 5 days.

He was able to eat steak straight after the treatment. His new permanent teeth restored his ability to eat his favourite dishes and he has gained back his lost 15 kg.

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