The story of Abbey
5 day implant system

She couldn't wear dentures and could only chew with her front teeth

She had raised four children. She had no problems with her teeth until she turned 40. Her problems started at this time.

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The consultation with Tibor Dental

She had raised four children. She had no problems with her teeth until she turned 40. Her problems started at this time. Her teeth become loose and her molars in her lower jaw were extracted. She couldn't wear dentures at all. She could only use her front teeth for chewing and biting and they also become loose, therefore she needed more and more treatments in the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, two teeth were not root canal treated properly, which caused inflammation in the upper jaw, making her teeth loose.Her loose teeth were probably related to severe calcium resorption during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

About her treatment

Severe inflammation around the upper teeth did not allow the dentist to save them and all of the upper teeth were extracted (12) and replaced with 10 BCS implants and a 12-unit bridge. She also received 2-2 KOS implant and 3-3-unit bridges on both sides of the lower jaw to increase her chewing capability and release the pressure on the front teeth.The whole treatment took 5 days and the patient stayed an additional 2 days to check her bite.

She was happy with the dental work she received and her implants and bridges were in excellent condition during her check-ups in London.It is really important to have a high intake of calcium after lactation to support the health of bones and teeth, as severe calcium resorption causes the same problem for many female patients of around the same age.  In many cases, severe bone loss can make it impossible for our dentists to help these patients to replace their teeth with conventional implant systems.However, in most cases, our specialists can help these patients to replace their missing teeth with the 5 day implant system.

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