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Abbey - 5 day implant system

She couldn't wear dentures and could only chew with her front teeth. This middle-aged patient had received numerous types of dental treatment: bridges, crowns, root canal treatment, posts, etc...

Olivia - 5 day implant system

She was frightened to speak in public and couldn't eat or laugh. Her bone level was adequate for receiving conventional implants: 6 Alpha Bio implants and a 12 unit bridge.

Brian - Full restoration with implants

This middle-aged, heavy smoker patient's bridge was cracked and his teeth were in a bad state. The patient received 11 immediate loading implants (BCS implant) in the upper jaw and 10 BCS implants in the lower jaw.

Gary - 5 day implant system

He was unable to eat hard food, only soft food and soups. The patient received 11 KOS, BCS implants in the upper jaw with a 14 unit bridge, and 8 KOS implants in the lower jaw with a 12 unit bridge in 5 days.He was able to eat steak straight after the treatment.

Nicole - Full mouth restoration

She received her dentures 15 years ago but unfortunately couldn't wear them. She received 9 immediate loading implants (BCS implant) on the upper jaw and 8 BCS, KOs implants on the lower jaw.

Melanie - Restoration with crowns

This lovely young patient had never been satisfied with her teeth. She considered them to be too short and dark coloured. She recieved high-aesthetic zirconium crowns and a night guard that helps to prevent her from grinding her teeth.

Eugene - Upper jaw restoration

He always covered his teeth with his hand and never smiled. As he was missing his molar teeth, the dentist prepared a 13 unit bridge for the upper teeth.

Linda - Bridge replacement with crowns

Her teeth just looked too long and didn't really suit her face. Based on the images they received, the technicians prepared 6 front crowns of different sizes and lengths, which made the patient able to be happy and laugh again.

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