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Affordable dental implants are opening a new period in your life

Wearing dentures or being toothless for a long period of time can have several negative effects, such as:
  • bruising caused by moving dentures and a fear that they might fall out
  • difficulties in speaking
  • problems chewing favourite foods properly and a loss in taste sensations
We can create beautiful fixed teeth with affordable dental implants and bridges within 5 days!
Family friendly prices in one of the most expensive cities on earth Typical UK price Our price in London Savings
Implant with crown £2,500 £1,000 60%
12 unit bridge £6,000 £3,960 34%

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For us dentistry is not just a profession but a vocation that we love. We have tired of the prevalent trend towards essential, as well as more extensive types of treatment, having become inaccessible for the majority of people.

Our aim is to provide high quality treatment at prices that are affordable for everyone and to guarantee that quality from the consultation stage through to the completion of treatment.

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Comparison between the way natural teeth and dentures work

Comparison between the way natural teeth and dentures work

Jaw bone loss caused
by wearing dentures

Jaw bone loss caused by wearing dentures

Premature ageing caused by bone loss

Premature ageing
caused by bone loss

Stop wearing dentures and start smiling!

Modern dentistry incorporates dental procedures that make it possible to help people who no longer want to wear dentures. Our dentists create natural looking teeth (crowns, bridges and implants) using state-of-the-art computer design technology, regardless of whether patients have just one or two missing teeth and wear partial dentures or have worn full dentures for many years.

With beautiful permanent teeth you won’t need to worry again about wearing dentures. Smile, enjoy your favourite meals again and help your face regain its natural appearance, boosting your self-confidence.

Who will administer your dental treatment?

Our dentists and assistants are jealous of their accrued expertise in their respective fields of specialisation, such as cosmetic treatment or implantology.

Our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, who have been making beautiful teeth for people like you for many years, are not only excellent professionals but also take pleasure in their work and in making you feel comfortable. You can find out more about them here.

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What will happen during your consultation?

  1. Your consultant dentist will examine your teeth
  2. You will receive an OPG X-ray (and local X-rays if necessary)
  3. Your dentist will provide you with ample time to ask any questions
  4. You will then be provided with a unique 3D animated treatment plan

awards of
Tibor Dental

Since Tibor Dental was established in 2005, we have received several awards and excellent ratings from the following prestigious companies

Customer Service Awards Customer service awards
in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016
by WhatClinic
5 star treatment 5 star treatment
every year since 2007
by WhatClinic
London dental clinics - Global Clinic Rating 1st in their list
of London clinics
by Global Clinic Rating
Global Clinic Rating 2nd in their global list
by Global Clinic Rating
Top 1% of clinics in MedBeaver Tibor Dental's score: 4.9/5
top 1% of clinics
on MedBeaver
Recommended by patients 100% patients recommended
clinic to family or friends
on MedBeaver

Upon completion of your treatment you will
receive a written guarantee

To the best of our knowledge, the guarantee provided will match the maximum length of any guarantee currently on the dental market.

We are proud of our hard earned reputation as a top quality dental service provider, which is based upon providing a service of the very highest quality. In order to protect and enhance this reputation we remain committed to ensuring that our patients receive the very best care in every respect.


  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns: 3 years
  • Zirconium crowns: 5 years
  • Implants: 5 years to lifetime
  • Fillings: 1 year

Guarantee regarding materials

Our dentists only ever use materials which comply with the highest standards of quality stipulated by the EU. These materials are manufactured by leading companies in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden such as: 3M, Bredent and Heraues Kulzer.

Cutting-edge dental laboratories

Our dental technicians are highly experienced artists in their respective fields who employ the very latest technology, including CAD/CAM systems, to ensure that our patients receive the very best new teeth both in terms of function and aesthetics.

Peace of mind guaranteed

All of our state-of-the-art clinics are furnished and equipped to the highest possible standards by companies such as: Siemens, Kavo and H&W. Our staff are committed to creating an atmosphere guaranteed to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Exceptional dental expertise

Our dentists and assistants are jealous of the expertise they've accrued in their respective fields of specialisation, such as cosmetic treatment and implantology; to this end they remain ever eager to keep abreast of the latest developments in these fields.

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