| Relaxed consultation with unique personalised 3D animated treatment plan in London

Dental consultation in London
During your consultation in one of our partner’s state-of-the art London clinics, your consultant dentist will examine your teeth, you will receive an OPG X-ray an assessment of your current dental situation and recommendations regarding future treatment. Your consultant dentist will make you feel relaxed and free you of any fears you may have regarding dental treatment, as well as providing you with ample time to ask any questions you might have concerning your future dental well-being.

Why is our consultation unique?

Usually, following a consultation you will receive a treatment plan which is often difficult to understand.
However, Tibor Dental provide you with a unique, easy to understand treatment plan and personalized 3D animated illustration, which constitute you with a step-by-step guide to your treatment and enable you to follow the course of treatment you have been prescribed, regardless of its complexity.
Incomprehensible dental treatment plan? We create simply and personalised 3D animated treatment plan for you.

Beautiful new teeth
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You have come to the right place!

You are no doubt  here because either you or one of your loved ones are experiencing an unfortunate dental situation and are seeking the best possible solution.

The first step is for you to contact us to discuss your dental situation and/or arrange an appointment for a consultation in our state-of-the-art clinic either by filling in our contact form or by calling us on  +44 207 993 4157.

Before you do this, and to ensure that you are in possession of the whole picture, please read through the next 4 steps.




Here you will find answers to all of your questions

You can either send us your OPG X-ray directly,or you can attend a consultation in London during which a dentist will examine your teeth and, if necessary, take an OPG X-ray. They will create the best possible treatment plan for you. You will receive a unique, fully personalised 3D animated video with notes showing  you how we’ll deal with and solve your dental problem.

The first option is free, whilst the second costs 80GBP inclusive of the OPG X-ray.


You will be in perfectly safe hands with our experienced dentists and staff

Once you have met your dentist, who will answer any questions you may have to your satisfaction, treatment will commence. This treatment doesn’t normally take more than 3 hours, even if you receive full mouth restoration. You will be given a local anaesthetic and IV sedation (conscious sedation) on request.

Even if you are afraid of dentists and dental instruments, our caring dentists and assistants will look after and take care of you and make you feel calm and comfortable.

In the days following, your gums and teeth will be checked and any minor treatment administered. Once ready, you return home with your beautiful new teeth.



We keep in touch!

You will receive a written guarantee, valid for at least 5 years, from the clinic at which you receive your treatment. We will remind you of when to attend your initial check-up, as well as subsequent check-up times scheduled to maximise the longevity of your new teeth. During your check-up you will be rewarded with a small present rewarding your decision to choose us.

Enjoy your new teeth  

Live a more fulfilled life again


You can bid farewell to your dental problems for the rest of your life. The only thing you will have to get used to is displaying your widest smile to the camera and enjoying your favourite meals again.

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