1st class partner clinic in Kentish Town - Highly accomplished dental team

Tibor Dental represents several prestigious dental clinics in London and Hungary. We have been working in close partnership with clinics specialising in different dental fields, such as implantology and cosmetic dentistry, since 2005.

In this capacity, we have helped literally thousands of people to receive beautiful, strong new teeth and to lead happier and more fulfilled lives, in addition to which we have received several awards and excellent clinic ratings from medical review companies.
Tibor Botos - founder of Tibor Dental London
Tibor Botos
founder of Tibor Dental

What makes us more than an ordinary dental clinic in Kentish Town?

By simply contacting a dental clinic directly you will be treated in exactly the same way as every other patient, which doesn't mean to say that you won 't be received and treated extremely well.
However, when you contact Tibor Dental first, you can be sure of the following:

  • price parity with any quote direct from the clinic
  • you will receive unique 3D animated treatment plans, following your consultation, so that you might understand the course of treatment you have been prescribed easily, regardless of its complexity
  • your treatment will be administered by the dentist best qualified to treat you
  • you will receive priority treatment
Highly experienced dentists in Kentish Town, London
All of our partner clinics are fully equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment from Germany, Sweden and Switzerland and only use materials of the highest standard.Our staff are committed to creating an atmosphere guaranteed to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Our dentists and assistants are jealous of the expertise they’ve accrued in their respective fields of specialisation, such as cosmetic treatment and implantology.
State-of-the-art dental clinic with full-equipped surgery rooms in Kentish Town, London
Our dental technicians are highly experienced artists in their respective fields who employ the very latest technology, including CAD/CAM systems, to ensure that our patients receive the very best new teeth both in terms of function and aesthetics.
Latest technology in dentistry
Animated treatment plan
Customer Service Awards Customer service awards
in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016
by WhatClinic
5 star treatment 5 star treatment
every year since 2007
by WhatClinic
London dental clinics - Global Clinic Rating 1st in their list
of London clinics
by Global Clinic Rating
Global Clinic Rating 2nd in their global list
by Global Clinic Rating
Top 1% of clinics in MedBeaver Tibor Dental's score: 4.9/5
top 1% of clinics
on MedBeaver
Recommended by patients 100% patients recommended
clinic to family or friends
on MedBeaver

How are we able to do this?

Nowadays most clinics spend considerable amounts of time and money to attract potential patients.

We refer patients to our hand-picked clinics, thereby saving said clinics time and money which can be better spent on the patients themselves; the clinics simply pay us commission for this service. As a consequence, clinics and dentists are enthusiastic about working with us and from this position of strength we are able to select and work with only the very best.

In this manner we can ensure that you, the patient, receive the best possible price as well as the best possible service and treatment.

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