Are you ready to greet summer with a smile?

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Summer is a busy time socially for most of us – weddings, graduations, family reunions and holiday plans fill up people’s diaries. Of course, you want to look great for events such as these and your smile is often the first thing people notice, but what happens if when looking in the mirror you are not entirely happy with that smile?

  • If your teeth aren’t quite as white as they could be?
  • If you are not happy with the appearance of your teeth?
  • If you have gaps between your teeth that you would like closed?
  • If you dislike the shape of your teeth?
  • If you have old silver fillings that you would like replaced with natural looking fillings?
  • Or if you simply wish to change something about your smile…

Then let us help restore your smile and your confidence.


Booking a check-up and hygiene appointment will help put a sparkle in your smile

We like to see our patients every six months for regular check ups, giving both parties a chance to discuss your dental health situation. A dental hygiene appointment is a simple way to put a sparkle back and protect your dental health by carefully cleaning and polishing your teeth.

If this isn’t quite enough for you, then why not chat to us about cosmetic dentistry? We have a huge range of excellent treatments which are highly affordable.

Planning ahead for the summer

This is a great time to consider improving your smile for summer and perhaps to plan ahead for a special event. Talk to us about your desires so that we can recommend personalised treatment; whether you’re looking to have a complete smile makeover or something a little simpler, we can definitely help you. By starting early, we will have plenty of time to sort out appointments and treatment, leaving you free to enjoy the summer with a confident, healthy and attractive smile.

Why wait a moment longer?

Planning to enhance your smile can be fun and exciting, so we take special care to ensure the final results are stunning and long-lasting. If it’s been more than six months now since you last visited the dentist, then call us to book your check-up and dental hygiene treatment and take that first step towards having a beautiful and healthy smile.

Contact us to make an appointment!