Are you afraid of the dentist?

Dental tools, the colour green, the sound of drilling, the sight of an injection or enduring bad memories regarding injections. These things often come to mind when we hear the word ‘dentist’ and 5% of the population suffer from dental phobia.

For this reason they only see a dentist if their dental problem is really serious and they can’t bear the pain any longer. How to treat this ‘illness’? What to do to reduce the fear and anxiety? There are tricks developed by scientists to help during treatment:

  • Distraction: counting to yourself or playing mental games, as a result of which we think about something else
  • Abstraction: comparing the pain to something else
  • Praying: for the treatment to end soon
  • Optimism: thinking that after the treatment everything will be okay
  • Self-encouragement: telling yourself that you will soon be done and that you are strong

But the best method is eating healthily and taking care of our oral hygiene!

There are those whose fear is not of the dentist but of the unknown. They are advised to meet the dentist before treatment in order to get to know each other, so that at the next meeting treatment will proceed smoothly.

Members of another group include those who are afraid of medical tools or are uncomfortable with the fact that these tools will be used inside their mouth. Many people can’t accept strange objects touching their mouth, which for them is the equivalent of the sound of a fork grinding on a plate or nails scratching on a blackboard for other people.

It’s also of great help to find a dentist with a good sense of humour, so that treatment seems to go by faster; although the time taken is the same the dentist’s positive demeanour helps dispel the fear inside you.

You might also belong to those who breathe through their mouth and think that this makes dental treatment even harder? The solution is for you to wear nasal strips!

Well, there is a solution to every problem! There needs to exist the will to seek it out and then to overcome your dental phobia!

Our advice is that you don’t need to be afraid because, like everything else, this also depends on your mentality and you need to concentrate on your goals.


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