We are a multiple
award winning company

Since Tibor Dental was established in 2005, we have helped literally thousands of people to receive beautiful, functional new teeth and to lead happier and more comfortable lives.

We have been favourably covered and featured on television, radio, in print, has received literally hundreds of excellent reviews and testimonials from grateful patients whose lives have been changed for the better.

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Tibor Botos - founder of Tibor Dental
Tibor Botos
founder of Tibor Dental
In association with our partner clinics, Tibor Dental has also received several awards
and excellent ratings from the following prestigious companies:


(15,7 million visitors per year, collected 12000 clinics from all over the world)
Customer Service Awards

Customer service awards

in 2011, 2012, 2015
by WhatClinic
5 star treatment

5 star treatment

every year since 2007
by WhatClinic
London dental clinics - Global Clinic Rating

1st in their list

of London clinics
by Global Clinic Rating
Global Clinic Rating

2nd in their global list

by Global Clinic Rating

Global Clinic Rating

(409.000+ clinics are rated from all over the world based upon patient feedback, facilities, services and expertise)


(clinics worldwide are scored based on reviews of procedure, communication and facilities)
Top 1% of clinics in MedBeaver

Tibor Dental's score: 4.9/5

top 1% of clinics
on MedBeaver
Recommended by patients

100% patients recommended

clinic to family or friends
on MedBeaver

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